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The Collection

Yellow Gold Earrings by Etho Maria

Upon Request

Tiny hoop earrings with pearls


Medium Hoops with Pearls by Christina Soubli

Upon Request

Princess Hook Earrings Den22p


Kricos Earrings by Christina Soubli


Drop Triangle Earrings


Hoop Earrings with Diamonds

Upon Request

Emerald Hoops


Diamonds Hoops


Basic Half Round Earring with pearls


Diamond Chain Earrings By Mentis Collection

Upon Request

Chain Ear Cuff by Christina Soubli


Small Dentelle Earrings with Pearls

Upon Request

Tiny Hoop Ear Jackets

Upon Request

White Gold Earrings with Chalcedony


Drop White Gold Earrings with blue Saphires

Upon Request

Drop Studs with Diamonds

Upon Request

Small Bomb Earrings with Diamonds

Upon Request

Mat Hoops With Diamonds


Oval Studs with Diamonds


Bomp Earrings with Diamonds


Round Studs with a Diamond


Couture Ear Cuff ORX-942BT-W by Casato

Upon Request

Rock For U Glam

Upon Request

White Gold Earrings Casato ORX1145BT-W


White Gold Earrings by Casato ORX906BT-Y

Upon Request

Yellow Stud Earrings by Etho Maria


Matte Mini Hoops by Mentis Collection


Mini Diamonds Hoops

Upon Request

Hoop Wave by Casato

Upon Request

Double Dots Bou by Casato ORX-907BT-P


Basic Stick Earring with pearls